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I'm famous

Posted: Saturday 22nd Jul 2006, 20:35
by SatCure
...and modest, too. 8)

I was involved in CB radio repair in the UK back in the eighties. I wrote "The Midnight Express" newsletters, various articles for the UK CB Radio magazine, and "The CB Eprom Data Book" which was ostensibly telling you how to convert a rig to 10 metres but, if you had half a brain you could use the methods to add lower bands instead!

I'm also a lifelong friend of USA CB Guru Lou Franklin, who has published many books and still sells books and mod kits from his base in Tucson, Az.


Posted: Saturday 22nd Jul 2006, 20:49
by The Defpom
Well, hello Mr Pickering... :-)

I purchased your book many years ago, when I lived in the UK, small world really eh !

I'm famous to

Posted: Saturday 22nd Jul 2006, 23:59
by Rick
Hi Martin,

I do not know if you remember me my handle used to be Moonraker or Unit 148 mobile, do you still see Steve T.


Re: I'm famous

Posted: Sunday 2nd Jun 2013, 3:39
by SatCure
Sorry for the slight delay in replying. At the time (2006) yes, I did see Steve occasionally. Now I live outside the UK so I don't see him, except via Skype. But he's still alive and well, AFAIK.

I left my HiGain V back in the UK when we moved. I must ask my son whether he trashed it.

Sorry, Rick, I have trouble remembering my own name these days!

Re: I'm famous

Posted: Saturday 7th Sep 2013, 11:26
by tonka
AFTER 6 Years i stumble on this thread.....
Thats the internet for you...
Yes, Still alive and kicking...

Re: I'm famous

Posted: Saturday 7th Sep 2013, 14:45
by The Defpom
It's good to see you are still around!

Re: I'm famous

Posted: Monday 21st Oct 2013, 2:46
by 12footer
AFTER 6 Years i stumble on this thread.....
Thats the internet for you...
Yes, Still alive and kicking..
LOL Me too! I have the databook also, Scott! A little ragged and torn, but it's still here, minus the front cover and first three r four pages from a puppy assault some years ago.

I used to rarely check-into the forum due to multitasking two careers at one time (no free brain cells)....
Initially, when I tried to reply this thread in the forum for once, the PW I have from Defpom's data site must've been a diferent one, because the automated "gaurdian" thought I was a spammer, and booted me :oops: Been a long time, i guess!
But now I'm 'retired' and have time to read and contribute (when possible) here.

Re: I'm famous

Posted: Monday 27th Jun 2016, 6:05
by SatCure
Sun, Jun 26, 2016

Well, I'm still alive and well and about to start collecting my pension! Doesn't time fly?
1981 seems like only a couple of years ago, when I bought my first "legal" CB radio and set it up in a tiny wooden shed at the bottom of my garden in Stockton-on-Tees. Unlike Lou Franklin, my first words were not "I need more power!" but "I need less bleedover!" It took only a little research to discover that I needed a "crystal filter" and that I had to add (or remove?) a resistor to get better impedance matching. Thus, my little Maxcom 40 (from memory) became an infinitely better receiver and my journey into CB radio modification began. A local "modjer" explained how to switch in a capacitor to create a "private" channel. Then I got Lou's famous "THE CB PLL DATA BOOK" and started to design my own modification boards, including one for 10 metres (which I never sold - it couldn't legally be sold).

Then I joined Steve Tonks selling (and later repairing) satellite TV equipment.
Currently, on this Greek island, I have no "shack" and nowhere at all to work, since my wife turfed my "stuff" out of the spare bedroom. So my plan is to build a tiny breeze-block shed and work in there.