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Easyist and cheapist Way To Align a CB RIG

Posted: Thursday 27th Dec 2007, 11:07
by Denstar51
Can anyone tell me the poor man's way to do this with the least cash outlay?

Posted: Friday 28th Dec 2007, 4:19
by fatdude1
take it to shop or send via ups or fedx that has all the proper equipment to do it

Posted: Friday 28th Dec 2007, 4:32
by zodiac
Hi Dennis,
It would help if you told us what the radio is, then someone might have the answer your looking for :oops: .



Posted: Friday 28th Dec 2007, 6:00
by Denstar51
Sure, Dave, the radio is the hygain v with the PTBM036AOX board.

Posted: Friday 17th Oct 2008, 9:04
by onebuttuglygit
hi ya matey....I too have been asking ths question ,,,,but have had no replies.....if you get one will you email or message me,,,,,and i`ll do the same .......

Posted: Friday 17th Oct 2008, 11:03
by timrim
The problem is, without proper equipment, you have little chance of aligning a radio. To completely align a radio, you need a wattmeter, signal generator, sinad meter, oscilloscope, frequency counter and a 50ohm non inductive dummy load at bare minimum.

You can do a basic power output alignment with just a good peak-reading wattmeter and dummyload, but thats gonna be about the limit as to what you can do.