got the x2 crystal rick where to i replace and where

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got the x2 crystal rick where to i replace and where

Post by hamguy2 » Thursday 30th Oct 2008, 6:22

hi rick, this is david here in australia hi how are you. i got that crystal you told me to get to fix the 26mhz band up on the cobra 200gtl ,the crystal only came in a small tiny bag and a post pack but no instructions etc.i was just wondering is there any alignment necessary after you install the crystal :? i need to know is where do you install the new crystal or do you take another crystal out ,thanks david nsw australia :?:

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Re: Cobra 200GTL-DX xtal swap.

Post by Rick » Saturday 8th Nov 2008, 9:43

Because you did some much cross posting I lost the plot and the will to help you, if read my reply in post you will see what I told you.

The End.

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