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superstar 3900

Posted: Thursday 13th Aug 2009, 10:48
by tonyspark
when i have ssb on the radio,s the fine/course has a notch where it would normal sit in.(to be on tri 555) with mine you have to just turn it anticlock wise just out of the notch to be on frequency, is there a simple way of adjusting it very little.

Re: superstar 3900

Posted: Saturday 15th Aug 2009, 21:50
by Animal
In a word 'No'

This phenomenon normally occurs with a transceiver which has had a PLL synthesizer alignment without letting the radio warm-up first.

As per the alignment procedure, put the clarifier control(s) in the center detent, then re-adjust offsets.

You'll need a stand alone frequency counter with 25mV sensitivity, an oscilloscope, ceramic trimmer tools, & a service manual.

Failing that, have it done for you by someone with the appropriate equipment & experience.

PS Where in Yorkshire are you? West, East, etc???

Re: superstar 3900

Posted: Sunday 16th Aug 2009, 8:38
by tonyspark
west yorkshire, , between wakefield,pontefract and doncaster.