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SWR meter

Post by Tipsy » Saturday 6th Feb 2010, 2:35

I hope this is the right category to post in, it is related to antenna tuning...

The SWR meter I've aquired has a tiny input labelled FS ANT. A quick google reveals some SWR meters come with a short stainless steel wire/aerial that's attached to the SWR meter http://www.sunequipco.com/electronic%20 ... PS-100.HTM

I'm curious to know what the small aerial's purpose is and if I need to aquire one to operate my meter correctly or is it a useful but non-essential add-on?

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Re: SWR meter

Post by The Defpom » Friday 19th Feb 2010, 22:03

It is not really needed, FS stands for Field Strength, it is used to check the radiation pattern of the antenna, I have never used one, and am not really sure it is of much use anyway, personally I think it was just a bit of a gimmick.

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