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Galaxy 2100 has low freqs

Posted: Friday 27th May 2011, 17:30
by Mike NOVA
my Galaxy 2100, on bands A and B, the frequencies are very low.
A band; 22.955mhz - 23.775mhz
B band; 23.805mhz - 26.550mhz

A band is a little unstable. Not bad once warmed up.
B band is pritty fair on the stability.

I'm assuming someone did a mod on it.

All the other bands are working on the frequencies they are supposed to and work well.

I would like to bring the a and b bands back to spec.

Any ideas?
I am very surprised this radio can do 22.955mhz in the first place.

Thanks in advance,

p.s. I believe this has the same board as the SuperStar 3900.

Re: Galaxy 2100 has low freqs

Posted: Saturday 28th May 2011, 13:01
by zodiac
I've never see the radio so I cannot say much about it but it's two channels missing between the bands A and B.
That might be a clue as to make me think it's been extended as you say and if so, it hasn't been re aligned to ensure it has stability.
I supose the answer is not to use it on those two band for transmitting on.
The question is, would you use that part of the frequency if you could find anybody to talk to.

Re: Galaxy 2100 has low freqs

Posted: Saturday 28th May 2011, 13:39
by Mike NOVA
thanks for the reply.
once the radio has warmed up, the radio has the two channels between a and b.
the two bands (a and b) drift downward in frequencies to some extent, but stops drifting after about 30 mins warm up.

and NO, I don't want to talk on them. I'm sure I don't have any use for the bands whatsoever.
I really only use the radio for the CB band that is set on band d.

Bothers me some that the radio might be out of alignment.

I'd like to get it aligned at least.

Need tech, who is good????