Dak X alignment issues

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Dak X alignment issues

Postby Rwm8082 » Thursday 30th Aug 2012, 6:34

Hello all, I have a Dak X radio I've been working on little by little for about a year for a friend. He bought it used, and it was "skipping channels". So he disassembled the channel selector switch to try to see if he could find anything wrong with it. At this point he turned it over to me. I ended up putting in a used channel selector out of a Mark IX, and installing a new LED channel readout board. So, after getting it back to the point where he got it, I find it seems to work fine from from about channel 14 to channel 22 or 24 (I don't remember exactly). On the channels where it is not working properly, it is running around 24mhz, and shifts 10khz when I turn the channel selector. I've undone a sloppy PLL mod, fixed traces, replaced the PLL chip and keep ending up with the same problem. :banghead: I believe it's got something to do with the VCO, but can't tell. Can someone tell me if this sounds like an alignment issue, or if there is something else going on? I was looking to replace the entire board, but cannot find another board, so I guess it's back to fixing this one. ANy ideas, anybody?

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