Christchurch NZ stuff wanted

This is an area for you to post requests for any radio parts, equipment or test gear that you are looking for.
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Christchurch NZ stuff wanted

Post by KiwiAussieLassie » Thursday 8th Jul 2010, 20:37

Hi folks, I was into CB in NZ 25+ years ago and into it in Australia 20+ years ago

Thinking about getting back into it nowadays

I seem to have already aquired a lifettime supply of SWR meters, but could do with various other bits and pieces, maybe you're having a clean-out of your shed/shack and have some things to sell cheaply ?

I've already arranged to buy off TradeMe a SSB radio. (hopefully it'll work ok ! ) (comes with a free swr meter, ANOTHER swr meter ! ) Seems 26 Mhz car aerials are un-obtainable in Chch. Theroretically DickSmith has the best value, (at $30 a "kit" being, aerial, base, wire and PL 259 connector all connected and ready to go) but DickSmith only sell them in Dunedin, Invercargill and North Island only, unless you order them in to Chch, wait weeks, and pay a deposit in advance, the one and only lone Jaycar shop seems to have UHF cb stuff ONLY although I will do a drive-by again tomorrow arvo (as last weekend when I first visited, the weekend staff knew nothing about cb)

I already have my Aussie base station aerial, which when re-assembled I expect will be adjustable enough to swr into the new NZ frequencies. Gotta get a 2 metre length of steel pipe to sledgehammer into the ground halfway to mount the base station aerial onto outside the flat here

Yeah so a car aerial (complete "kit") and 2 metres of about 2 inch dia steel pipe would be handy (I'll check out "Steel-and-Tube" in Blenheim Road tomorrow, dunno if they'll sell me less than one full length) If you have such items for sale at a reasonable price give me a hoy through this forum or email me personally (if forum rules allow at catejemma AT hotmail, DOT com )

Also I want to know if there are ANY specialist cb shops in existence in Christchurch area. ? A place with COMPETENT technicians who can work on and repair am/ssb sets if need be ?

And hey I want some info also please. In NZ now there is NO annual cb licence, right ? So what d'you use as a callsign ? Make one up or use one of mine from 25+ years ago ?

cheerio for now

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Re: Christchurch NZ stuff wanted

Post by The Defpom » Thursday 8th Jul 2010, 23:28

I can do radio work via post if you cannot locate anyone down there that knows what they are doing, to be honest, I do not actually know of anyone else apart from me that works on AM/SSB CB's in NZ.

As far as getting CB items in NZ, that can be hard, if I need anything I import it from the US or UK myself.

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Re: Christchurch NZ stuff wanted

Post by TrumpyNZ » Tuesday 5th Oct 2010, 16:24

Hi there,
Good to see someone else in the South Island getting back into CB! 8)

To be honest, you could make a fortune on TradeMe with them SWR meters, everyone seems to be selling radios but no-one seems to be selling SWR meters for some strange reason.

I have a Ground-Independent GME 26MHz aerial here, it's only got about 3-400mm of co-ax on it, but extending it wouldn't be any great issue.
It's about a metre long and you could just about have it for a few dollars plus postage, as I never really used it.

I wouldn't personally buy a CB aerial from Tricky-Dicky, I've had very poor results from any of the CB aerials I bought there the last time I was into CB and couldn't get the SWR down anywhere below 2.5:1.

Just a note on the 27MHz aerial, you may need to add a bit of wire to it, as at 27MHz it will be slightly short for 26MHz, however doing SWR tests on Channels 1 and 40 will tell you if it is too long or short.

If you are looking for lengths of steel, I'd try Musgroves first or any other metal recycling place, Steel and Tube don't generally have a "cut to length" service unless you are buying expensive steels like stainless and the like.
BTW, I'd think that 2" pipe would be over-kill and you'd get away with using something like 1" or 1 1/4" at the most.
Failing that, you could also use TV aerial mast parts, that is what my VHF and UHF Ham stuff is mounted to up on the roof and as long as it is stayed properly, it'll be as solid as.
Best place to find this sort of stuff would be either Lincrad Aerials out at Wigram or any Ideal Electrical Suppliers should have a whole range of aerial mounts, extension-masts, stays and what-not.

If you need any gear repaired, I've been building, repairing and servicing radio equipment for the good part of 25 years.
The only caveat I say to this is the rediculous hours I work as a shift electrician, means I may not be able to do a repair in quick turn-around.

Hope that this of some help.
Mike. :)

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Re: Christchurch NZ stuff wanted

Post by ghce » Saturday 8th Jan 2011, 16:33

There are a few proper trained Radio Technicians around Christchurch who have experience with Telecomunications/Radio communications me :D but I only do things like that on a casual basis these days.
There are quite a few back yarders out there, probably the same guys who were around 25-30 years ago such as my self.


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