can anyone help with identification of antenna?

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can anyone help with identification of antenna?

Post by soundmanjim » Wednesday 27th Feb 2008, 22:05

I have here what seems to be a Shakespeare big stick - but i am unsure as to the model.

It has the shakeseare shiny sticker on the bottom of it, but no other info.

It is in two sections, and when assembled it is roughly 16 feet long.

There is no swr adjustment on the bottom, and there is a small yellow wire coming out of the bottom of it - and the antenna seems to connect by a flying lead with a pl259 plug on the end.

I thought these antennas had a built in so239 socket, so has someone hacked this about or do i have an unusual maribne version?

additionally, it doesnt load too well on 27mhz - in fact, it sat at 2.1 across the whole band.


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Re: can anyone help with identification of antenna?

Post by Freefall » Wednesday 21st Dec 2011, 8:13

Hello Well if my memory serves me back in the early 70s they came out with a 2 piece antenna that resembles the {at that time hadnt been made yet} Antron 99 it was called the Big Stick and was a very good antenna compared to other things on the market.Back then even Rat Shack offered a healthy variety of ground planes.I bought one to suplliment the Super Scanner three element electronicaly rotated beam I used for DXn.The Big Stick made a big noise when it came out and was the predesessor to todays meriad of Antron 99 clones offered.I believe the Big Stick was also a very light shade of green fiberglass and after a time in the elements would begin to fuzz up and offer the installe,r or anyone handling it a entire new meaning off itchy.anyways i hope this may shed some lite on your ID problem .oh also these were not made to handle more then 100 watts and the matching capacitor inside would blow rendering the antenna useless unless you {as I did} disassembled the base and slide out the coiled load inside to replace the cap with what turned into a search and destroy mission until finding one with the correct match. Blueskies

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Re: can anyone help with identification of antenna?

Post by jansen » Wednesday 4th Jan 2012, 13:31

hmmm.... Hope to remember that all...
By the way I am Jansen... Newbie here..

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