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A few words on the K30 antenna system

Posted: Thursday 15th May 2008, 12:33
by raven666
In a word Junk. I bought this guy because it was a wham bam install and to say the least I was going to be as lazy as possible about it because I wanted to get on the air, not spend a whole day drilling holes and planning stuff. And it was CHEAP.

I know of people who have had them work just fine. I can tell you they are definitely not the old K40 of the 70's. I know of some of them still in daily operation.

I finally got my Cobra 29 LTD unvandalized and running correctly. Then I was peaking the radio and the SWR started nailing the corner of the meter. WTH?

After about 1/2 hour of testing and messing with it and replacing the connector I found that there was a 1 yep 1 hair from the shield crossing onto the center lead in the base across the load connections.

IMHO - The K stands for Krap and the 30 stands for total number of days before it dies.

I had pictures in my head of some guy in a foreign country putting this stuff together saying " Ha, stupid fat American red neck, I kill your radio"

Sadly - there is next to nothing in the base of this antenna?? I don't know what I expected for $30. But the sweet cheapness is quickly countered by the sour disappointment.