Antenna Specialist Super Scanner ?

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Antenna Specialist Super Scanner ?

Postby farmer » Sunday 25th May 2008, 16:09

Hello, I Have A Super Scanner And I Have Been Told The Good The Bad And The Ugly About Them. Before I Put Them Up I Would Like This Forums Feedback. I Have A Great Deal Of Respect For Every One Here , I Am New To This Forum But I See A Great Amount Of Wisdom In These Forums Thank You For Any Info

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Postby Animal » Tuesday 3rd Jun 2008, 5:16

I love the old Avanti/Antenna Specialists stuff - I've got a PDL-II

The A/S Super Scanner is a unique antenna - directional & omi-directional in one (switchable by a phasing system) although a compromise on a standard yagi (but there's no need for a rotator!)

They're very sensitive to element length & spacing so make sure you measure everything twice - then check again & keep within a sixteenth of an inch!

Let us know how you get on :idea:
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Postby frogman296 » Sunday 8th Jun 2008, 18:21

i wasn't a big fan of mine...i would put up a 3 element beam and tv rotoro over it any day of the week, and the 3 element will make the super scanner beg for mercy.

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