What antenna is this?

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What antenna is this?

Post by fantacmet » Tuesday 29th Jul 2008, 13:36

I got this along with a handful of firesticks and something called a fireball. I helpec lean out a house and was told I could take all the radio, computer, and firearm related stuff, since they didn't want it. So I did. The house was a friend's parents and they had to clean it out and I had a truck so............

I hooked up this antenna and this thing works FANTASTIC, I just don't know what it is. It was easier then pie to adjust for SWR. Here is the pic if it will show.


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what antenna is this

Post by WARLORD136 » Sunday 24th Aug 2008, 6:40

i have 2 of those. got them in a truck-stop in harrisonburg,va. the package said "road-pro", but God only knows who made them. road-pro sells all kinds of stuff. mostly in a road-pro package. clean the paint off of all the connection areas, especially where the stinger goes into the main shaft. good antennas.
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