need broadband hi power capable mob antenna for car

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need broadband hi power capable mob antenna for car

Postby hamguy2 » Thursday 13th Nov 2008, 18:36

hi everyone, im a skip dx chaser on ssb am and fm. i was wondering what is the best antenna that is pretuned or close to swr from freqs 26 to 30mhz, i was told the viper is a good one,its rated at 15000 watts ssb ,a wilson mobile rated at 3 to 4000 watts ,firestick is another 1 im chasing that type of antenna between 4 and 5 foot tall on my guard of my motor vehicle ,can anyone suggest a good antenna and if they have to be tuned im wanting a good broadband high power capable mobile antenna between 4 to 5 feet ,i will pay via paypal etc need a mobile antenna for 26mhz upto 30mhz ,will pay shipping as well, thanks david from australia :?: :)

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