Cobra HG-A2000 antenna

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Cobra HG-A2000 antenna

Post by billyz » Wednesday 17th Feb 2010, 4:52

I am a newbie , 56 year old. My son the trucker wanted a CB radio for his birthday. I got him a Cobra 29 Black chrome New, but with mods done to it. I need an antenna of course. I heard the Wilson 1000 w magnet mount (for his car) was a really good one, Trouble is I cannot find one in stock. Then I heard the new ones were being made in China and not as good as the older ones. I saw this Cobra HG-A2000 , it says it is made in USA. Is it as good as the Wilson 1000 ?

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Re: Cobra HG-A2000 antenna

Post by Animal » Wednesday 17th Mar 2010, 7:18

For all intents & purposes they're both baseloaded quarter-wave mag-mounted mobile antennas (capacitively coupled to the bodywork of the vehicle - this means there's no metal to metal contact!) & will be much of a muchness - anyone who claims they see two or three S units difference is talking out of their hat!

From experience I can vouch for the Wilson (5000 model) which has a very strong magnet, low-loss coax & will stay put at 90mph + (allegedly Officer! :angel: ) & is easily removed when not in use.

Personally, I'd go for a center or top loaded antenna directly coupled to the bodywork if performance is the primary consideration but your circumstances may differ so you need asses your own requirements before deciding.

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