need 2 astatic model 575 m6 mob mics

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need 2 astatic model 575 m6 mob mics

Postby hamguy2 » Tuesday 17th Mar 2009, 12:05

hi everyone ,im located in nsw australia im after 2 astatic model 575m6 mobile microphones .i will pay a good price for each of them depending on the condition etc for each one .my methods of payment are paypal etc im paypal verified and im quite capable of buying these microphones and paying for 2 of them ,if someone can help me out id apreciate it so much ill pay shipping on them as well as insurance if seller thinks that is a good option i can wire anything upto radio gear here so its pretty easily to rewire those mics to any other radio here ,thanks in advance david nsw australia email . :?:

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