Too much voltage from my power supply.

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Too much voltage from my power supply.

Postby thundir » Monday 23rd Mar 2009, 8:00

Hi Again,
My friend has a power supply made by Pyramid Gold Series. Model Number is PS-8K. Output voltage is supposed to be at 13.8 volts. The problem is that its reading about 23.5 Volts :banghead: . We changed the the 2N3055 silicon NPN power transistor. No Difference. The circuit board inside is small about the size of a cigarette pack. Is there anything else that controls the voltage :?: ? There is a variable pod inside but it doesnt do anything. Thanks Guys...........................

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Re: Too much voltage from my power supply.

Postby Pioneer621 » Friday 24th Apr 2009, 19:55


Check ZD1, it is a 12 volt zener diode, it sounds like it may be open circuit. I hope the schematic for the PS-8K is the same as the PS-8KX as I am going off of the 8KX version, it should be the same board though.

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