rig doctors

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rig doctors

Postby tonyspark » Wednesday 3rd Jun 2009, 21:50

when sombody says xyz has stopped working on there cb , how do you know to tell them to change abc.
or test here and here and look for a voltage of 1.67v,
have you got flow charts or is there books you get the info from?i know a lot is experience, but you must get the base fact and figures from somewhere. is there a cb bible for mending cb?

Classic CB
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Re: rig doctors

Postby Classic CB » Friday 5th Jun 2009, 23:30

Hi Tony: There are a few good books on CB repair around, but in the end a lot comes down to experience & the test equipment you have available to you. A lot can be done with a good Multimeter & dummy load but for really serious repair work you need a Scope, Frequency Counter & Signal Generator as a minimum & learn how to use them for radio repair. You also need a good soldering station & if your going to work on modern stuff a Surface mount re-work station. (Altogether some serious money) & you won't get very far without Service manuals / Diagrams etc.
The simple answer is there are no easy ways to learn the Job, books can only teach you so much. Have you tried your local College for a Basic Electronics course? this would be a good start.
If you want a start on doing basic repairs on older rigs, look out for Lou Franklins Screwdriver Experts guide. It's quite interesting & easy to read, as for a bible of CB repair that tells you what voltage to look for at each point. I've been doing this since the mid 70s & I haven't seen 1 yet.
Just 1 piece of advice: If your going to start playing with the insides of rigs, buy a few old faulty ones from ebay first & practice on those. It's a bit expensive if you smoke someone elses radio.

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