Help Cobra29ltd Classic

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Help Cobra29ltd Classic

Postby hawn » Wednesday 10th Jun 2009, 5:32

hi i just took my brand new cobra 29ltd classic to a truck stop here in nv and i had the guy peak and tune my radio the cost for the job was $65 dollors did i get rip off on the peak and tune also with this setup i will be useing a wilson 5000 mag mount with a rk56 mic i would like to know please help me out thanks.

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Re: Help Cobra29ltd Classic

Postby marveylus22 » Wednesday 10th Jun 2009, 15:29

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Re: Help Cobra29ltd Classic

Postby WyoTrunker » Tuesday 1st Sep 2009, 22:23

My brother just had his 29LTD Tweaked, Peaked and Dead keyed, running an astatic RD104E "Road Devil" and twin K40s, paid $250 for the whole shebang, unfortunately I am not at liberty to discuss the output 8)

I'm running a Cobra 25LTD NW Tweaked Peaked and Dead Keyed, talk back, Galaxy file, Astatic RD104E "Road Devil", Amped through twin monkey made spirals and I paid $450 right from the shop, I'm running more than my brother by far, it gets to the point where I can tag him but he can't tag me back, but lemme tell you something, I doubt it's all worth $450, you need to be careful nd investigate, it wont be you last rodeo in this for ya bud, and my cb set wont be my last.

I hope he did a good job at least.

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