Feeler Thread: An NZ CB Club?

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Feeler Thread: An NZ CB Club?

Post by TrumpyNZ » Saturday 6th Nov 2010, 14:12

Hi Folks,
I'm looking at getting something in the way of an NZ wide CB club together, after having spoken to CBRANZ and found that they are pretty much shut down due to lack of interest from it's membership, that is not to say that there aren't functioning CB clubs like those from the North Shore and the Hutt Valley that should be acknowleged.

Question 1: Is there enough interest here in NZ to sustain a CB Club?
I'd like registrations of interest through this site, if Scott is OK with this idea, all you have to do is put your hand up.
This would be a purely on-line thing, where people could compare notes on CB radio in NZ, the only thing I would stipulate is that you support Scott by making a donation here.

Question 2: Where are we all from?
We might have members here from up North, down South and in-between.

Question 3: Would you be willing to give a minimal amount of time to helping to re-instate CB radio in NZ, as a real radio hobby?
God knows, this hobby needs it, but I'm thinking if we can get you folks together and get some discussion going amongst us, we can all benefit from what is said.
If this comes to fruition, I'd do my damnedest to get this going and keep it running, I think there is a real need for something like this.

Your thoughts please?
Mike. :)

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