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HELP! Cherokee NightRider 150 ?'s

Posted: Friday 21st Oct 2011, 15:06
by bigjimjr454
Just getting back into using a CB after 20 years, when I was a kid. Stumbled upon a NR150 at the local Goodwill (thriftshop). Paid $8 and took it home to figure it out. Hooked up power and ant. No problems, appears to work ok after warming up. BUT, there is an added two stage pot. switch mounted on the mike side and inside is an extra circuit board hooked to the pot., along with some other mods made. The board and pot. appear to be a mike gain mod. Other mods look like a tweak and peak, but also similar to the Northpoint mod for extra freqs. I do not want to run something out of my league, but also kinda like the old timer I picked up cheap. I am hoping someone here can help me figure out what has been done to it and point me in the direction of an owners manual maybe. I found the wiring and other diagrams already online. Thanks, Jim

Re: HELP! Cherokee NightRider 150 ?'s

Posted: Sunday 23rd Oct 2011, 15:55
by lbcomms
point me in the direction of an owners manual maybe
Google the owners manual for "Uniden Grant", "President Grant", or "Cobra 148".
The controls might be in a slightly different place but all of the above are almost identical - the only real difference is the Grant doesn't have the inbuilt SWR meter.