The rebirth of American Eagle SSB CB?ers Club

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The rebirth of American Eagle SSB CB?ers Club

Post by EricExtreme » Friday 21st Jul 2006, 3:56

It is with great pleasure that I announce the rebirth of the American Eagle SSB CB?ers Club.

The club was originally started in 1982 by Dave (AE001) and his father Mickey (AE002), both who now reside in Wellington, Maine. The club has accumulated just about 930 members over the years.

In 2003 the club ceased daily operations until new management could be established, as the management in place at the time no longer desired to manage the club due to changing interests, and abandoned the club without finding new leadership to succeed them.

I am announcing that after 3 years of inactivity the club has new leadership and will resume operations.

After a freak happenstance meeting and resulting discussion, Dave (AE001) the founder of the club and I will be reopening the club and I will be assuming the day to day operations of the club. Dave has assigned me the call sign (AE003.)

American Eagle SSB CB?ers Club, founded by Dave (AE001) and Planetary SKIPshooters ( ), founded by Eric (AE003 & Planetary SKIPshooter 717) will be run as sister clubs. That means if you join either of them you will be joining both of them (refers to new membership applicants).

I have designed a new website for the club which includes a message board for the members to communicate with each other. The new website may be found at .

I invite all current members and prospective new members to visit the website.

73, and I hope to catch you all on the airwaves.

Eric ?Extreme? Goldberg ? AE003
Director of Operations
American Eagle SSB CB?ers Club
American Eagle 813 (AE813) -
Director of Operations - Æ • American Eagle SSB CBers Club -

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