old turner+2 Mic

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old turner+2 Mic

Post by fuzzyfireman338 » Sunday 26th Aug 2007, 8:51

The crystal in the microphone stopped working several years ago. I really liked the performance of it, and would really appreciate a suitable replacement for it. Would anybody know where to get an original, or something that would perform like it? Any info is greatly appreciated, so thx in advance. :D

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Post by warhorse » Thursday 30th Aug 2007, 22:11

unsure the word crystal maybe barking up the wrong tree jm + 2u or 2u, had all in the past very old jm+2u i liked, worked very well on ss360\148 cobras not a lot inside the mics work off 7v etc, found the mic cones r the same- as k40,orig s-processors r the same silver eagle sim internal workings they use sim cone for the audio(band width) metal,cup -metalmic lever-special,cone.its not just basic ole aluminium.thats the beauty of it? on a silver eagle you can allter the foil by making holes in the cone to alter the audio band width-silver eagle only.

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Post by nomadradio » Friday 31st Aug 2007, 17:07

The original is a piezoelectric high-impedance "ceramic" cartridge. It can die from excess temperatures, humidity, shock, age and any or all of the above.

Mouser electronics http://www.mouser.com has some chinese-made crystal and/or ceramic cartridges. Or used to, at least.

The larger the better for that mike. A larger diaphragm tends to mean more output.


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