Add-on Frequency Counter For Popular SSB Radio's,

Modifications to add one to your radio !

The current Superstar 3900 models come with the facility for adding a plug in frequency counter which is available as an accessory. The counter gives a continuous 6 digit readout in all modes.

The same counter can easily be fitted to similar radio’s, such as the Cobra 148 GTL DX, Superstar 360, Stalker 9, President Jackson, Midland 87 and of course SuperStar 3900’s which don’t have the socket fitted.

The counters are available under different brand names, Ranger's Galaxy III and CRT's Superstar KF VI are examples.

Connecting the counter

You can wire directly to the circuit board but it is best to fit a socket to the rear panel.

Use a six pin plug and socket, either a DIN or screw type mic plug and socket are suitable unless you can find a plug that mates with the original.

The screened wire goes to the VCO.

Connect to T.P. 3 in the radio.

The screen should be connected to a nearby ground track or coil can.
The red VCC wire goes to +8V which can be obtained from the common connection on the mode switch.

The orange USB+ wire goes to the USB connection on the mode switch.

Solder a 10k resistor to the tag on the switch and connect the USB wire to the resistor.

Do the same with the LSB connection.

The yellow LSB+ wire connects to the LSB switch tag as above.

To find which tag to use, check the tags with a voltmeter.

When you get a reading of approximately 8V this is the one which is connected for that particular mode.

You will also find a tag which shows 8V all the time.

This is the common tag.

The last wire to connect is the brown common wire.

Connect it to ground.

Don’t be tempted to connect the VCO screen to the brown ground wire, they have to be kept separate otherwise you will get spurious readings on the counter.

Setting up the counter

You need a good bench type frequency counter for setting up accurately.

Follow the alignment procedure for your radio.

If, after setting up the radio, the frequency display doesn't match the actual frequency, there is an internal adjustment in these counters.


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