FC347 / FC390 (EPT210014C) modification

Modify the FC347 or FC390 Frequency counter


This information was sent to me by Sonoma, thank you.

It is possible to install the Galaxy FC347 or the Texas Ranger FC390 frequency counter into a few radios, once a simple modification has been done.

The radios it can be installed in after this simple modification are:

Here is the modification:

1. Remove the four (4) screws holding the top and bottom case together.
2. Seperate top and bottom plastic covers, exposing internal metal case.
3. Carefully remove the top metal cover from case. This will expose the component side of the pc board.
4. Find JP1 - located to the right and below the crystal.
5. Carefully solder a buss jumper between the top and bottom holes, as shown in yellow in the below photo.
6. Re-assemble counter, and follow installation instructions supplied with unit.

There is also a new version of this counter that was released in 2005, it uses a new PCB and componentry, so this modification does not apply to the new version, although, it is possible that the new versions "JP1" will work in exactly the same way.

The new versions PCB number is EPT210014D.

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