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Changing from 120 channels to 240 channels !

First of all, this is a Ranger EPT 690010Z board, just like a lot of radios (Connex 4800 DXL, RCI TR 6900 FJB) and has a built in 100 watt amp.


You change the 3 position rotary switch (ABC) with the enclosed 6 position (ABCDEF) switch.

This is easy...

Take off the front face plate, and unplug the 3 position switch.

Plug in the 6 position switch.

Place the enclosed ABCDEF decal over the ABC band selector printed on the face plate.

Then, follow the wires from the HI/LO switch to J4.

Pull the jumper from J4, and plug it into J2.

This gives you the low 240 chs, and the high 240 chs.

Place the jumper at J28 from pins 1&2, to pins 2&3.


This modification was posted on a message board that I am a moderator on, I decided to add it to my site, enjoy !


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