HR2510 Mods

This page has various modifications for the HR2510 / 2600 / Lincoln

The origional Final for the HR2600 is the MRF477.
It can produce about 40w.

But if you want more power, you can replace it with the MRF497, which will boost you up to about 50w or so.

Now, the origional driver is the 2SC2166.
You can boost it some more by going back down the RF chain to the TX buffer and replace the 2SC2086 with a 2SC1973. The leads are backwards, so beware.

You should also beef up the wiring and traces between the power connector and the final.
It is also a good idea to put a large electrolitic cap inside the radio just after the power connector, a 4700uf would be good if you can find a 16v-25v one that will fit.

The leads on the 2SC1969 and the 2SC2312 SSB finals are not the same as the MRF477-MRF497, so a swap is not recomended, and you will also loose a lot of output. The 2SC1964 has the same lead configuration, however, but it can only produce about 20w or so.

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