Modifications for the Kenwood R-599

Service Notes on R-599A/D

Author: Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service bulletin no. 8 (2-11-1977)
  1. VFO Drift: Bad Q1 3SK22(Y) (40-0016-18). Also change R1 270K to 1M Q1 bias.
  2. Low sensitivity: Check Q1 3SK22(GR) (X44-0020-00).
  3. No Tranceive operation: Check for dirty contact of transceive switch or broken wires at switch.
  4. Receiver sensitivity: Q4 2SC733(Y) on IF unit (X48-0011-00).
  5. No receive with tranceive switch in the TX or reverse: Check for cut coax at VFO terminal of IF unit (X48-0011-00).
  6. No VFO receiver: Check L3 at Q1 in VFO (X40-0016-00).
  7. Receiver 10 to 20 dB down: Check protection diodes D1, D2 1N60 at (X44-0020-00).
  8. FM doesn't work: Check T8 discriminator transformer on (X48-0011-00).

Removing CB Band from R-599A/D

Author: Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service bulletin no. 31 (15-3-1978)

One of the items in the FCC's expansion of the CB band to 40 channels was to require all receivers that have a speciffic CB or 11 meter band be type accepted.
The R-599A and R-599D receivers have not been type accepted and we do not plan to have this done as they are designed for the ham bands, We have therefore removed the CB position from the current production of R-599D receivers and this band position is now labled AUX.

This ruling also applies to any used R-599A or R-599D receiver you may have in stock. The following instructions are for removing the CB band. This will satisfy the FCC and make the receiver saleable.

  1. Remove top cover.
  2. Remove bottom cover.
  3. Remove shield plate from coil pack.
  4. Set band switch to 14 MHz.
  5. Remove the black wire from the OSC coil Unit. (This wire is on the top side.)
  6. Loosen screws on shaft coupling and slide shaft out about 2 inches.
  7. Unsolder the OSC coil Unit from the mounting bracket and remove it from the coil pack.
  8. Unsolder and remove the CB coil and crystal.
  9. Replace the OSC Coil Unit and solder it in.
  10. Slide the band switch shaft in place, making sure that each wafer is properly indexed.
  11. Resolder the black wire to the OSC Coil Unit.
  12. Replace all cover.
  13. Check for prpper operation.

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