Modifications for the Kenwood TH-205

TH-205/215 Protection Fuse Replacement

When a plug other than the PG-2V or PG-3C is inserted into the DC IN jack, the ground side of the jack may not disconnect. This may cause the external DC power to be supplied directly to the internal battery which results in overheating the battery and blowing the fuse. To protect the battery, replace the fuse with a protection diode, part number ERB83-004.

Note models with serial numbers greater than 801XXXX allready incorporate this diode as D16.

This modification may be performed under warranty.
Time required for this change is 1/2 hour or less.
144 - 165 TX/RX mod for the TH-205

To open your th-205,215,or 225 all you have to do is take out the screws on the back, and gently open up the front of the unit...
Locate the obvious 4 jumper bridges on the pc board. The bridges are numbered j-1, j-2, j-3, and j-4..Jumper j-3 has already been cut...
Carefully snip jumpers j-1 and j-2 and ever so slightly seperate the snipped bridges to insure no-contact betwen the points.. Reassemble the unit..Look at your instruction manual and reset the microprocessor..The mod will not work until you reset the mpu...
The info. For reset is near the back of the manual..After that the unit is wide open to operate between 144 to 165.
Expanding TX and RX for Kenwwod TH-205
From: Cheers Steve ZL2RI -

Remove rear cover from handheld, on the board you will see easily three solder links, bridge the left and the middle links.

Turn the radio back on.
This mod expands the RX more than the TX.

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