Modifications for the Kenwood TH-2600

Mod to open TX on the Kenwood TH-2600-a

  1. To access the 2600 loosen the two large screws on the sides of the unit with a coin.
  2. Remove the 3 very small phillips head screws on the back-side of the unit
  3. Remove the battery.
  4. In the base of the unit you will see four phillips head screws remove the two that hold down the front of the unit (speaker side)
  5. kinsert screwdriver into base & twist --you will hear a "pop" as the two halvs separate.
  6. Carefully lift front & let it turn to the right, as there is a ribbon connection between the front cover & the chassis.
  7. In the lower right hand corner of the p.c. board you will see a row of diodes on end (abt 7), snip the top two. (They may already have a solder joint, as these are used in bench test)
  8. Note: these are diodes d-32 & d-33 the board you are working on is x55-1380-10 a/2
  9. Reverse the process, & there you have it......

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