Modifications for the Kenwood TM-211

TM-211 out of band modifications

The following is a simple modification for the TM-221 rig:
  1. Locate the control unit board (X53-3040-XX) located behind the front panel.
  2. Right below the channel select rotary switch and opposite the M.IN Sw. you will find R24 and R25.(foil side)
  3. Remove R25 for 142.00 thru 151.995 Mhz RX TX
  4. Move R25 to space for R24 for 138.00 thru 154.000 Mhz TX RX (Range will vary slightly from set to set)
Info provided by N2EYR @ WA2SNA-1 / Eddy Salvador
Extended range!

To get your 221A to recieve from 138-174 MHz you need to remove the front panel and gain access to the chip resistors and rearrange thenm as follows:
R22 R23 R24 R25
 X   O   O   X   X=Connected  O=Left out
If you are running a vk version removal of R24 is all that is needed. The tx will remain at 144-148MHz even after the mod.

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