Modifications for the Kenwood TM-941

Kenwood TM-941A undocumented feature

Documentation follows....

This modification is not really a modification, but an undocumented feature that Kenwood Corporation has no record of.
This modification has not been completely tested, so those who feel brave enough to try this out are welcome to it, but I am not responsible for any ill-effects as a result of utilizing this feature.

What this feature offers to the end-user is an extremely powerful feature: doubling your memory capacity. With the Kenwood TM-941A, the radio has ONE VFO, ONE CALL, and 100 memory positions that are labelled 00 thru 99. This feature offers the user another 100 memory positions PER BAND!!!

How to perform this undocumented feature:
  1. Have the radio turned on.
  2. Press F and REV simultaneously.
  3. Memory position A1 will show; this memory position cannot be eliminated thru the MR/F function.
  4. Work the VFO in a similar manner that you would with the radio in normal mode.
  5. When you save the memory position, take a look around at the layout of these memory positions -- the memories are labelled hexidecimally; that is, they are labelled AA thru A9, B0 thru B9 until you have reached J9. J9 is the 100th position in this alter memory area.
  6. When you are finished, just press the F and the REV buttons simultaneously, and you are back in the normal memory area.
As stated before, this feature has been found to be static in nature; that is, when the power is turned off, the memory positions are still retained and do not interfer with the original memory area. Mind you, this memory feature has not been completely tested, SO BE EXTRMELY CAREFUL! I ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR FINDING THIS FEATURE SINCE I AM DOING THIS AS A BENEFIT TO AMATEUR RADIO!

BTW, Kenwood does not have any records and/or any comments regarding this feature. I suspect that this feature is for diagnostic purposes and should be treated as such. Forewarned is forearmed!

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