Modifications for the Kenwood TM-D700

KENWOOD TM-D700A Extended TX MOD (easy 3 steps)

Just received my new rig, neither the supplier nor Kenwood had the mods available to date.

  1. Remove the bottom cover, 5 screws (not the speaker side).
  2. Locate and remove "W601" (chip resistor) and "W602" (green wire). They are located within 2 inches of the optional VS-3 voice synthesizer board.
  3. Reassemble radio and after power-up, press the reset switch on the front of radio.

Here is your new TRANSMIT range

136.000	- 174.995
400.000	- 469.995

This is the RECEIVE range (mode selected).

118.000	-  135.995
136.000	-  199.995
200.000	-  299.995
300.000	-  399.995
400.000	-  523.995
800.000	-  823.990
849.000	-  869.990
894.000	-  913.990
934.000	- 1299.990


To modify the transmitter to cover 142 - 151.995 Mhz and 420-449.995 Mhz, perform the following steps:

  1. MOST IMPORTANT - this mod will do a reset on your radio and erase ALL of your settings (memory, APRS, menus, etc.). Use the computer program to pull all of the settings out BEFORE you go any further. Or if no computer, a very large tablet. This radio has many many programable features.

  2. Turn off the radio and disconnect the power

  3. Remove the five screws from bottom cover (not the side with the speaker).

  4. Remove the bottom cover. It may take a little prying with a small screwdriver.

    REMEMBER if you haven't saved your settings, all will be lost if you proceed beyond this point.

  5. Cut ONLY the famous Kenwood green wire, located near the voice synthesizer board connector. The green wire ties two PC board lands together and is about 1/2" long. Make sure the ends can't short against anything.

  6. Reinstall the bottom cover.

  7. Reapply power and turn the radio on (it will automatically reset).

  8. Use the computer program to reinstall all of your operating parameters. I found that the load ALL function did not seem to do everything. Try the load MEMORY and MENU selections too. Or prepare to spend a whole bunch of time re-entering all of your parameters that you wrote down in step 1.

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