Modifications for the Kenwood TM-G707

Extended RX and TX for Kenwood TM-G707

  1. Remove the dettacheble front from the tranceiver.

  2. Remove the bottom case. (4 srews in each corner).

  3. Put the tranceiver in front of you, upside down, with the antenna connecter pointed at you.

  4. Locate in the upper right corner on the small vertical placed print (witch is located behind the display adaptor) a group of 4 small 0 Omh resistors in smd format, numbered 0-1-2-3.

  5. Remove or lift resistor 0 for extended RX

    RX band 1 = 118-136 Mhz AM
    RX band 2 = 136-174 Mhz FM
    RX band 3 = 300-400 Mhz FM
    RX band 4 = 400-520 Mhz FM
    RX band 5 = 800-999 Mhz FM

  6. Remove or lift resistor 3 for extended TX

    TX band 2 = 136-174 Mhz FM
    TX band 4 = 400-520 Mhz FM

When these two resistors are removed or lifted, in the MENU there will be een extra menu-choise (number 0) to switch between AM and FM on all 5 bands (AM only receive).

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