Modifications for the Kenwood TR-2200

Service notes on TR-2200A

Author: Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service bulletin no. 22 (31-10-1977)

  1. No TX RF output: Bad 2SC1169 Q9 on X56-1210-11.
  2. No TX: Shield plate touching to circuit board under Q8 driver 2SC741.
  3. No TX: Open D2 MI301 on X5501130-01.
  4. No TX: Repair broken RCT line from crystal deck to TX oscillator.
  5. No TX: Bad Q13 2SA562Y. No T13 voltage on TX X56-1210-00.
  6. No modulation: Bad D4 1s1658 on X56-1210-11.
  7. No TX: Capacitor C21 lead touching to ground at Q4 on X56-1210-11.
  8. No TX: No collector voltage to Q7 Q8. Bad Q15 2SC735 Hi/Low control for Q14 on X56-1210-11.
  9. TX distortion: Check D3 Zener 9 volt supply regulator for TX low level stages on X56-1210-11.
GENERAL Note On TR-2200A

  1. Battery plate overheats: If the red and yellow leads of the external DC cord are connected together, the battery plate will overheat.

  1. Receive Sensitivity poor: Bad 10.245 MHz xtal on X55-1130-11.
  2. Receive Sensitivity poor: Bad MI301 D4 on X56-1080-00.
  3. Receive Sensitivity poor: Bad Q1 3SK41L on X55-1130-11.
  4. Bo battery operation: Miscontact of internal switch in power jack.
  5. No C9 B+ to receiver: Bad Q12 2SC496 on X56-1210-11.
  6. Batteries will not charge: Check for a shorted battery plate.
  7. Low Rx sensitivity: Bad D3 1S2588.
  8. No squelch: Check Q15 2SC458 on X55-1130-11.
  9. Poor squelch when cold: Replace D14-16 1N60.
  10. No audio: Bad qudio IC NPC575 Q16 on X56-1210-11.

Adapting the TR-2200A antenna to early Trio and Drake Portables.

Author: Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service bulletin no. 11 (13-1-1977)

We have had several inquiries about adapting the TR-2200A whip antenna to the Drake TR-22C and Trio TR-2200. We now have a kit of parts to do this. Following is a copy of the instruction sheet supplyed with each kit.

TR-2200 Antenna Kit Instructions

No.Part NamePart NumberQty
1Whip AntennaT90-0082-051
2Antenna ConnectorJ32-0230-041
4Insulating RingN19-0283-042
5Antenna LugE23-0097-041
8Ground LugE23-0015-043
9Screw3x6 mm1
10Cable with Lapacitor1
  1. Remove original antenna.
  2. Enlarge antenna hole to 9.5 mm.
  3. Install parts 1 thru 8 as shown in the exploded view below.
  4. Remove coaxial cable that runs from the original whip antenna th the SO-239.
  5. Connect original coaial cable from terminals ANT and E to the external antenna connector (SO-239). (This cable originally went from terminals ANT and E to the whip antenna.)
  6. Locate the 2 "L" brackets mounting the TX unit to the side and install 2 ground luge between the bracket and the side out the unit.
  7. Install the coaxial cable so that the end with the capacitor is aat the SO-239.
  8. Solder the free end of the capacitor to the center pin of the SO-239 and solder the coax braid to the ground terminal.
  9. Mount the last ground lug with 3x6 mm screw at the hole next to the whip antenna.
  10. Solder the braid of the supplied coax to the ground lug instalkled in Step 9 and the center conductor of the coax to the antenna lug 2.
  11. Carefully solder the coax braid to the 2 lugs installed in Step 6. (See diagram below.)

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