Modifications for the Kenwood TR-8300

TR-8300 Alignment

Author: Trio-Kenwood Communication, inc.

Service bulletin no. 16 (02-06-1977)

The TR08300 is a 440 MHz FM transceiver that is factory tuned to transmit from 445.0 MHz to 450 MHz and receive from 442.0 MHz to 447.0 MHz.
However, in some areas the operating ranges are different. The TR-8300 may be retuned for these other operating ranges. All adjustments should be made in the center of the 5 MHz range desired.


Adjust the oscillator coil L14 1/2 to 1/4 turn counterclockwise until the LED in the channel indicator window turns on. This indicates that the oscillator is now working. Connect a signal generator to the TR-8300 and adjust L15, L16, TC-6 and TC-7 for maximum "S" meter indication. (These should be very small adjustments.) Adjust TC-5 in the helical resonator for maximum "S" meter indication. This is the only adjustment made to the helical reasonator.


Connect a wattmeter and dummy load to the TR-8300. Adjust the oscillator coil L3 for maximum RF output. No other transmitter alignment should be necessary.

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