Modifications for the Kenwood TS-2000

This mod was sent to me by Dan.


Here is some info on kenwood TS2000 mods to put on your site

I got this information from
who i found on on


I got the modification information on the TS-2000 from reliable sources recently. The info. seems to be correct. My TS-2000 (K-type) worked.

1. Remove the top and bottom cover.

2. Loosen the 4 screws that tighen the front panel.

3. Pull the front panel forward, holding the upper part.

4. You will see a fan on the left.

5. At the bottom right of the fan, there are jumpers.

* Remove R52 to expand the RX frequency.

* Remove R53 to expand the TX frequency.

* Remove R54 to expand the features.
(Cross-band Repeat, SkyCommand, External Remote and etc.)

R52 and R54 have been already removed on my transceiver.

After the modification, it transmits:
1.705 - 30MHz, 49-54MHz, 142-152MHz, 420-450MHz.

* It does not expand too much, though :-(

Oh, I forgot one important thing.
You must perform ALL RESET by pressing and hold [A=B] key when you turn on the transceiver. (You will lose all the memory data).

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