Modifications for the Kenwood TW-4100

Band Mod for TW4100

The following modification will allow the TW-4100A to transmit on the VHF band from 141-151 and on the UHF band from 420 to 450 MHz.
  1. Disconnect the antenna, mic, and power cord.

  2. Remove the top and bottom covers fromm the transceiver by following the procedure on page 28 of the Instruction Manual.

  3. Locate the row of diodes on the control unit (top front). The diodes can be seen by lookng throught the cutout the chassis just behind the front pannel.

  4. Using a sharp pair of wire cutters, cut diodes D6 (UHF) and D8 (VHF). Note that diodes D3, 4, 5, and 7 are already removed.

  5. Reinstall the top and bottom covers.

  6. Reset the microprocessor by turning on while pushing the M button.

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