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Frequency Expansion

I found this mod on The Quack Shack forum.


There are two different types of conversions that you can do to this radio.
The easiest conversion has a freq range of 26.065 -- 28.755 MHz. The "PROGRAMMABLE" mode gives you a range of 25.165 -- 30.105MHz.

Remove jumper "A" from the channel board.


1: Set the band selector to the "A" position.
2: Remove both jumpers "A" and "B" from the channel board. The Channel Display now displays letters "A" through "L" instead of a channel number.
3: Next carefully short the pins of jumper "A". Notice that each time you short the pins the Display goes to the next letter or frequency range. Do this until you have the desired frequency range for position "A".
4:Repeat these same steps for each of the 6 Band positions.
5: When you have completed the process, replace only jumper "B" to lock them in memory.
6: Leave jumper "A" off for the full frequency conversion.



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