Magnum S9 Mods

Frequency Expansion

I found this mod on The Quack Shack forum.

The radio comes with these jumpers already in the #1 and #4 positions and it is 10 meters only at this point.

Frequency Range Mod (25.165 -- 30.555MHz)

1: Power up the radio for 20 seconds then disconnect from power.
2: Set the band selector to position "A"
3: With a 2 short wires, jump the pins of JP2 and JP4 ( JP1 and JP3 = off) The channel display now shows the letters "A" - "L".
4: With another wire, temporarily short the pins of JP1. You will notice the display moves to the next band letter each time you short JP1. Do this until you have the desired frequency for band "A". Continue to repeat these steps until you have moved through all 8 band positions, setting them up as you like.
5: Once you have finished the programming, move the jumpers to this order to lock them in memory:
JP1 = ON JP2 = OFF JP3 = OFF JP4 = ON

Actually, from what I've seen so far, the above mod is not correct, but it's the only one available to most.
What you have to do is the second mod, basically you have to select what frequency range you desire, and set the letters up for that range.
Set the radio to "A" then pick "A" if you want your bands to start there, and so on for each letter.
You can make any letter whatever you want it to be. But I have not yet been able to get the mod to work unless we programmed in all the letters first.
Then you merely remove JP 4 when you are done and move JP2 to JP1 position.


Frequency counter 6 digit display mod

Removing JP4 makes this unit show all 6 digits on all modes, as out of the box it only shows 5 digits unless on SSB, which shows all 6 digits.



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