President George Mods

There are several modifications for this radio!
You will not need any form of equipment, apart from the radio of course!!!!

Step 1:

Press power, PA, and dimmer keep these pressed down and the code button flashes keep your finger on these three buttons until the screen goes blank and then press accordingly to the mod you want.


M1 and then turn the radio off: this will give you the international mode with a coverage of 26.065-28.785Mhz(with alphas) AM, FM, USB, and LSB modes!
When in this mode the dimmer switch acts as a band change .


Mode and turn the radio off: this will give you the forty legal UK FM and Poland frequencies.

M3 and turn radio off: this will give the CEPT 40 channels only

NOTE: if your radio does not change even after trying a few times, it may be that a modification may need to be performed first, see below, this is from the World Wide Radio Forum, and was posted by Rogerbird.

Check this:

* Remove The 8 cover screws from the sides of the radio.
* The black plastic front panel is attached at the top and bottom with 3 clips. Remove all the knobs then Remove the front panel carefully.
* Disconnect the Red and White wire connector from the MIC jack board and the 2 white flat ribbons that come from the main PCB
* Remove the two screws that hold the Display PCB to the chassi.
* Slide now carefully, without bowing, the PCB free from its retaining tabs.
* Locate on the back of the pcb the processor IC701 (UNIDEN UC1520).

See if there is a resistor soldered in a plastic tube or heat shrink across the bottom side of the Processor.

It should go between the 2 square pads on either end of the bottom row of pins. (there is also 2 square pads on the either end of the top row of pins.)

The bottom row is the row with the case indent marking where pin1 is.

This is the conversion for the George that brings it out of conventional mode.

If the resistor is not there that may be why your not getting any freq's.


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