President Glenn CB-Radio

Solder between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 to get AM

To get 240 Ch, push together UP and DOWN.
Then turn on Power.


T2 Adjust RF input CB-Radio
T3 Adjust RF input CB-Radio
T4 Adjust MF (10,7MHz) CB-Radio
T5 Adjust Detector/Discriminator (455kHz)
T6 Adjust MF (455kHz) CB-Radio and FM-Radio
T7 Adjust PLL-Oscillator
T8 Adjust RF output
T9 Adjust RF output
T10 Adjust RF output
T11 Adjust RF input FM-Radio
T12 Adjust PLL-Oscillator FM-Radio
T13 Adjust MF FM-Radio
TK1 Adjust RF output
RV3 Adjust FM-Deviation (Modulation)

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