President Herbert CB-Radio

Frequency Mod for the President Herbert

By Lester's Custom Tech Shop

•  Remove covers, etc. etc....

•  Locate the 10.240MHz crystal taped on the ribbon cable going to the radio front panel and retrieve same.

•  Locate the 10.695MHz ? (picture shows it as 10.675MHz) crystal sticking out of the PLL block. Unplug this crystal and replace with the 10.240mhz crystal.

•  Now solder a wire from the can of the crystal to the metal shield next to it. This way, it will never fall out of the socket.

•  Now turn the radio over and look right behind and under the edge of the faceplate kinda in the middle. There you will find a group of resistors and a couple capacitors.

•  Using the picture as a guide, locate the resistor R143 and carefully remove it.

•  You will now have coverage from 25.615 to 28.755.

•  The PA button is now the Band button.

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