President Randy CB-Radio


User Manual
Channel List

00100000HAM-Radio - 28.000MHz to 29.700MHz
00100010HAM-Radio - 25.000MHz to 29.700MHz
00001011400 Ch. FM and AM
00001001400 Ch. FM
00001000200 Ch. FM and AM
00000111200 Ch. FM
0000011012 Ch. AM 1 Watt and 80 Ch. FM 4 Watt
0000001040 Ch. AM and FM
0000000040 Ch. FM (CEPT)


T101 RF Input
T102 RF Input
T103 RF Input
T104 MF (IF 10.695MHz)
T105 RF Output
T106 RF Output
T301 FM Discriminator (Demodulator)
T401 VCO-Coil
CT201 3.600MHz
CT301 10.240MHz
RV101 Squelch
RV102 AM Modulation
RV103 RF Power
RV301 S-Meter
RV401 FM-Deviation (FM-Modulation)


1TDTo CTCSS board
2FB+Positive supply voltage to VCO PCB
3RX B+Positive supply voltage to Receiver and IF amplifier
4PDVCO voltage from PLL (CPU)
5TXTX signal to Transmitter and VCO
6FINVCO frequency to PLL (CPU)
7A/FAM/FM Modulation
8SW B+Positive supply voltage fron ON/OFF switch
9H/LHigh/Low RF Power Control
10B BANDB Band (Not in use)
11BATTPositive supply voltage from battery
12BATTPositive supply voltage from battery
13AFAudio signal (To AF amplifier)
14U.L.UnLoock from CPU
15MICMicrophone signal
16S RFS-Meter to CPU
17SQSquelch signal to CPU
18A BANDA Band (Not in use)
19GNDNegative supply voltage
20TCTo CTCSS board

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