RF Preamp
This page shows the circuit diagram for an RF Preamp

This circuit works across a 10Mhz frequency range with a gain of 19dB,.

I do not know what type of FET transistors the project is supposed to use, so it may take some experimentation in order to get it to work.

If you do build it and get it working can you please email me with information about the components that you used.


This was sent to me by Robert E. thank you.:

Hey scott, the transistors on the r.f. preamp project can be standard mpf 102 fet transistors, they give pretty good gain, and they are fairly stable.

This was sent to me by Greg H. thank you.

The circuit works fine with 2N918 also with BF115 (different pin out).

rf pre amp circuit picture

If you build this unit and like it please email me !

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