Voyage VR9000 Frequency Expansion

Expand your radio to get 25.565MHz - 28.305MHz

On the voyage VR-9000 here is the mod.

It is probably one of the easiest that I have ever seen.

Remove Top of Case ( Reveal Solder Side of Board ).

Directly back from the Channel Selector you will see 4 or 5 small resistors (1/8 watt).

These resistors jump across the PLL.

They are very obviously shorting the PLL Section out.

Remove these resistors.

When you turn the radio back on, you will have coverage from 25.565 to 28.305.

You lose some of your 10 meter coverage, but gain a LOT of lower frequencies.

I believe Band C or D is the CB Band.


This was sent to me by Josh Dunnigan

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