I make a special EPROM expansion board that will add 4 more bands to many radios that use either Binary or BCD programming, it also adds a 10KHz shift function as well, click here to find out more.

It will give 1 band down, 1 band up, UK 40 (up 64 channels without Alpha ch hops), NZ 40 (down 63 channels) and 10KHZ shift.

On a 40 channel radio it will give coverage from 26.335 to 28.005 (including the normal low,mid and high bands of 26.515-27.855), that is a total of 167 channels !

I can also make a custom board upon request which will give whatever frequency range you want (within the limits of the radio).


VR7 or cut D23
RX COILS: L3 thru L8
SAMS PHOTOS: #126,127,128,170,171,176,179,200,207


(Mike circuit changes:)
1. UNSOLDER banded end of diode D21 and lift up.
2. UNSOLDER banded end of diode D22 and lift up.
3. SOLDER a 4.7 k resistor across where D21 and D22 was unsoldered.
4. Replace R78 (27k) with a 56k.
5. Replace R84 (4.7k) with a 2.2k.

(Transmit circuit changes:)
1. Replace C174 (56pF NPO) with a 82pF NPO ceramic capacitor.
2. Replace C173 (180pF NPO) with a 220pF NPO ceramic capacitor.
3. Re-tune coils L32,L30,L29,L28 and VR8 for maximum forward AM power.


1. UNSOLDER and remove D30.
2. UNSOLDER and remove D29.
3. Add a jumper in the holes from where you removed D29.
4. Cut the end of R119 that is closest to D29.
5. Add a jumper wire from R119 (the cut end) to the banded end of D44.
6. Follow the PURPLE/WHITE wire form the clarifier control to the PC board and UNSOLDER IT.
7. Resolder this wire to the PC board ground.
8. If all went well, you should slide 1 kc up and 3 kc down.


The AM regulator 2SC1419 is WEAK. UNSOLDER it and toss it in the trash.
Replace it with a GE-66, ECG-152 or a NTE-152.
Relay buzzes on SSB, no am transmit, lights go dim, or the fuse pops sometimes?
Replace C179 ( a 2.2uF 25v tantalum cap located near finals) with a standard 2.2uF electrolytic capacitor.

PAY ATTENTION to the "+" and "-"!!!

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