Modifications for the Yaesu FRG-7

FRG-7 Antenna for the Broadcast band

Fellow users of the YAESU FRG-7 communications receiver:

I have enjoyed the YAESU FRG-7 for many years but I always hated the fact that I had to run a seperate LONG WIRE in order to receive a full signal on the BROADCAST band (jack BC). I use a DIPOLE fed by coax which I connect into the (SW2) connector which works fine for all of the HF bands above the BC band.

After looking at the schematic the other day, I discovered that I could place a 100 Ohm resistor from jack (SW1) to the (BC) jack which provides the receiver with an antenna for the BC band. Thus, you can connect your coaxal fed dipole to jack (SW2) add the resistor, and throw away the longwire for the (BC) jack.

73 and HAPPY SWL'ing..............Bill/KJ6EO @ KJ6EO

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