Modifications for the Yaesu FT-26

Expanded frequency

  1. Remove the battery and antenna.

  2. Remove the four screws holding the back track.

  3. Remove the two screws in the back case.

  4. Carefully seperate the front cover.

  5. Locate and remove solder on jumper pad 10. (on the control board)

  6. Apply solder to jumper pads 1,3,7 and 8.

  7. Reassemble the radio.

  8. Turn radio on and each channel indicater will blink.

  9. Enter the following frequencies. (use the [F] and up arrow keys)

CH.1 135.000 Press [D/MR] Lower Rx limit
CH.2 174.000 Press [D/MR] Upper Rx limit
CH.3 135.000 Press [D/MR] Lower Tx limit
CH.4 174.000 Press [D/MR] Upper Tx limit

I accept no responsibility or liability for the results of any modification.
Performing modifications and the use of modified radios may be a violation of laws.If you have any doubts do not perform any modifications.

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