Modifications for the Yaesu FT-8000
FT-8000 expanded RX and TX

Hello everbody how ever you read this messsage about the TX-Mod.for the YAESU FT8000 mobil transceiver.

First,in germany the version of the YAESU FT 8000 has a wide range RX in this time.So we can receive from 144 unit till 110 MHZ - 174 MHZ and the 430 unit 410-480MHZ than all frequency 800-1300 MHZ.In 800-1000Mhz the FT 8000 has many of birdy...from the ozilators.The 1300 Band receiving are very bad.Some relaisstation in 5 miles can't sorry..that will be a big fine point if it were really...

So it can be,that this information about the TX - modifikation, was made from any other radio amateur from anywhere.Also don't look at my sometimes so bad english...hi,hi...All this steps was made by my self.I'm not the big one of SMD parts worker but i'm interessend for modifikations of all my amateur radio TRX.For the YAESU FT51 we had with some other om's made also a modifikation before,in summer 1995.

All things and worksteps are without a warranty at me side.But don't give it up, all old boys arrived the finish...if you follow the some mostly simply steps,than you are will be very glad about the use of the FT-8000.

So i've a warning also before you start.Peopels with big and swinging fingers...hi hi,let it be.Somethings are very miniature...use a antimagnetic solderstation with temperature regulation,a rubberground for better work, some boxes for the connectors.How ever you've a perfekt workplace organi- sation,you've no problems with lose of any thing.Also you can check,that all parts of the TRX are really in it....all this it's was happend everybody all around..
  1. All kabel disconnect for the TRX from outside.(Mic,Antenna,DC-Kabel ...)
  2. The two connectors on the side with the fan,the four on the downside and the four connectors at the left and rightside pse disconnect.Put it sure in on of the boxes.
  3. The metalhouse of the TRX carefuly and sure pull in the way to the fan.It can be that the house don't want...hi..pull it outside with light swing.
  4. Disconnect the connectors from the front on the upper and downside,surely take it in a box.
  5. If the loutspeaker made trouble with the wire,disconnect him also.... but it must be long enought for the operation...
  6. Frontside carefuly pull away to in front of that.Attention for the small bandkabel in the middel!! Holdingparts at the both sidespse don't let fall in the TRX !! It can be made an sudden death for the IC's !! Oh,oh....and bye..
  7. The TRX take down so,that it is on the headside on the table.In this situation you must find the lithiumbatterie on the right side on the upperside of the panel ! VERY IMPORTANT! for not exchanging !By the way the batterie is on the frontplatine.But i think you has found her ! It's a round knop.
  8. From the litiumbatterieside on the right,you can see a line of 15 points of some solderpoints.Someone are use and of them are open (SMD parts,re - sistors,connector brightes).Look at the little poor picture :
      I                                                                   I
      I             o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o             *           I
      I                    (X)                             *     *        I
      I             o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o         *       *       I
      I            15       10          5       1         *       *       I
      I                                                     *   *         I
      I            solderpoints ( upperside right)      litiumbattrie     I
      I            counted from right to left (!)                         I
      I                                                                   I
      I           The hotpoint are the ( X ) marker !!                    I
      I                                                                   I
      I    show from the particultion side to the panel                   I
  9. If you want only to open the RX , you must be have follow solder- points at this place are close in the area : 10 ,9 , 6, 4, 3, 1 That the version in DL if you can open the RX only by software Reset and the keysteps : press REV+VFO/MR and switch on the TRX in the same time.
  10. Now we are counting the solderpoints from the right side to the left side. On the point 10 of the line,we arrived on the hotpoint of this modifikation. If you had made all counts are ok,the point must be a SMD bright.The SMD are marked with a " 0 " on the upperside ( Version in Germany at this time ). The SMD part it also a little bid biger if any other parts before.(german version)
  11. If you have find that place in the line,make all sure that is right.Then take the SMD part with the solderstation carefuly away...Safe that SMD in one of the boxes if you would sell the FT 8000 and the other one will be don't use a full open FT 8000. IMPORTANT : DON'T touch the parts on the panel !! CAREFULY WITH THE SMALLBANDKABEL !! It's very fast in the sky..hi hi..
  12. All steps return.So everytime handle careful with the TRX - parts.The house parts from the front panel are with are click in system.
  13. If you have all extern things are connected , we can start with the software steps.The TRX are in the first off.Take your fingers and push the REV plate ( downline of the little knops) and the VFO/MR knops together all time and switch the FT 8000 with the 3. hand (hi) on.Now the TRX is on, you can take fingers away.The prosessor are reset.The TX are now in wide range mode.
So easy it's made the mod. for the TX at the YAESU FT 8000.Now you can use the wide range from :
  TX 144 : 137,600 MHZ - 174 MHZ full range of sending !
  TX 430 : 410     MHZ - 480 MHZ  "     "   "   "      !
So we are also sorry,that the TRX can't send on 1300 my TRX i have ' t any funktion.....
The quality of the amateur radio parts are the same fore outside range.Only on the ends really ends,there is a fall down.In this version you can use it on all national amateurbandparts in all lands.Some europa land has not the same bandlists.

Some words about the other funktions.The 9k6 paket radio,who will be future is not really in 8 of 10 TRX.Receiving in 9k6 baud are ok but sending,threre are mostly problems.The user can't fill that mistake in the first but the most of the paket infos are not correct and the digipeater ask many time for the paket...Really the baudrate are also to 1k2...
Someone has problems with crack noise in the loutspeaker.The ground of them are the fan in some one.The noise will be there,when the TX was on most.But in any TRX everytime.It's not a big problem for the user but fine ears of the om's hear it everytime.....

Use that modifikation only for the radio bands!The TX out-side of this are forbidden.We don't wont to have trouble with the national goverments,please use that in this border.....

I'm would be glad for any post for this modifikation and i wich you a good time with the YAESU FT 8000 ,many contacts,no problems and a long life for you and the FT-8000!

AM RX-range would be aktiv if you press the button first F/W and VFO/MR in the same time.Range from 110-280 MHZ but only RX (!).
YEASU FT-8000R Free Band mods (MARS/CAP)

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