Modifications for the Yaesu FT-8500

FT-8500 extended RX/TX

The mod is easy. This will give you 137-174mhz and 410-470mhz Tx/Rx.
  1. Disconnect power and antenna (like, you would'nt of done it already.)

  2. Open up the case by removing the screws and gently removing the cover and unpluging the speaker.

  3. Locate and CUT the GREEN WIRE on the CONTROL BOARD ( the vertical board behind the control panel.

  4. Reassemble the radio.

  5. RESET THE MICROPROCESSOR (so much for the memory!)

    (press and hold [D/M] & [REV] & [ENT] & turn the power on)

    (turn off the radio).

    (press and hold [SCAN] & [HOME] & turn on the radio - extended RX mod).

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